Friday, May 21, 2010

‘ICE BREAKING’ our Short film

Here is the poster of our short film ‘ICE BREAKING’.

First time I worked with the 'Mind set production' and that was awesome n fantastic experience. So I want to thank all my team Mr. Prashant Mohan Kadam, Dr. Aparna Prabhu, Hemantaa, Dhanashree Khandkar, Dipti,

Aniket, Sai, Rohit Pawar,Prasanna Kadam, Ketan Padaya,

Yogesh Sadekar, Rupali Sadekar and M & P Studio…

thank you guys n girls


Verry sooon I will post the promo of 'ICE BREAKING'

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yogesh said...

Very good work ravi and I am proud of you....:)
It was very different experience to see this film
first time ever I’ll seen movie with film director

i enjoy this film and very soon will see u in OSCAR

yogesh said...

My All the best wishes with u cheers............:)