Friday, May 21, 2010

‘ICE BREAKING’ our Short film

Here is the poster of our short film ‘ICE BREAKING’.

First time I worked with the 'Mind set production' and that was awesome n fantastic experience. So I want to thank all my team Mr. Prashant Mohan Kadam, Dr. Aparna Prabhu, Hemantaa, Dhanashree Khandkar, Dipti,

Aniket, Sai, Rohit Pawar,Prasanna Kadam, Ketan Padaya,

Yogesh Sadekar, Rupali Sadekar and M & P Studio…

thank you guys n girls


Verry sooon I will post the promo of 'ICE BREAKING'

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New Work

Maha Aids: was a speak up package it’s about during the last three years, the Maharashtra state has recorded the largest number of new AIDS cases. because of rampant sex trade, paucity of awareness and migration are cited as main factors Maharashtra got the gift of AIDS.


Transgender: The story was about discrimination between male, female and transgender prisoners. In this illustration I wanted to show not fair to keep transgender inmates in isolation because of their status.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

क़ाळ (Time)

सतत आपल्या सोबत वाहणारा
कधि मित्र कधि शत्रु, कधि हवाहवासा तर कधि नको नकोसा,
पट्क़न निघुन जणारा तर कधि जाता जणारा
मोठ्ठ दुःख़ घेउन येणारा तर कधि मोठ्या दुःखाच औषध बनणारा
अनेक रन्ग़ाचा भासणारा पण कोणतहि रन्ग नसणारा... क़ाळ

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2009 Montage

Hi Friends here are few illustrations which I did in year 2009

Please have a look and comment on it...